I heart New Hampshire

It looks like the state Senate of New Hampshire has voted to permit the sale of emergency contraception without a prescription, and has also rejected the age limit, reports the Associated Press. Yay!
Actually, the Legislature voted in its favor last year, but then-Governor Craig Benson vetoed the bill. Present Gov. John Lynch supports the bill and will sign the measure as soon as it passes the House.
Opponents have argued that the bill will encourage promiscuity among younger people, but the age limit was outvoted, 16-8. The bill itself was voted in, 14-10. One opponent, Senator Robert Boyce, insisted that the bill would promote a “Sex in the City” lifestyle. Ha! Those four city girls…no good whores, they are! Good example, my man.
Sen. Maggie Hassan responded, “I do not believe the punishment for youthful indiscretion for unguarded sex is to force young women to have an abortion or unwanted pregnancy.”
If the House passes the bill, New Hampshire will become the seventh state to sell EC over-the-counter. Perhaps this will help the FDA finally get a grip and do the remaining states the favor.

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