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Chicago Tribune on Plan B

TweetMake sure to check out this piece from The Chicago Tribune, Plan B for pharmacists. A snippet: To dwell on the intricacies of the law is to lose sight of a larger point. Turning customers away is bad for business. Pharmacies are in business to sell drugs. It’s not good enough to tell a customer [...]
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NARAL calls out big-name pharmacies on conscience clause laws

TweetFirstly, if you haven’t already seen NARAL’s new flash film, “You’ve come a long way baby! But how much farther do you still have to go?” go check it out…very nice stuff. And then when you realize how much work still needs to be done, go and take action against the assholes who want to [...]
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Breaking: Supreme Court expands reach of Title IX

TweetThe Supreme Court ruled today that Title IX not only protects against discrimination, but also protects people from retaliation. Yay! It was a close one, with a 5-4 vote. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wrote that “reporting incidents of discrimination is integral to Title IX enforcement and would be discouraged if retaliation against those who report [...]
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Alaskan women get training in trades

TweetA program in Alaska which trains women in the construction trades just received an award from the US Dept. of Labor. (Now if we could only get them to continue reporting on women’s wages…but that’s a gripe for another day.) Alaska Works Partnership Inc. received the 2004 Exemplary Public Interest Contributions Award from the DOL [...]
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Wage gap article ignores the real problem

TweetI was going to write about yesterday’s wage gap story, but Amanda and Sheezlebub have already done an amazing job…I’m not into reinventing the wheel. I’ve got to say though, as soon as I saw the headline, College-educated white women earning less, I knew the piece was going to piss me off. Why report on [...]
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