Get married or get fired

Not really a choice I’d like to make. And certainly not one I should have to make.
But that’s exactly the “choice” that was given to Debora Hobbs of North Carolina when her boss found out that she was living with her boyfriend.
A former sheriff’s dispatcher, Hobbs was told by her employer “to get married, move out, or find another job,” supposedly because of the state’s law against cohabitation. Cause those who live in sin don’t really have the time for work.
Hobbs quit last May, and luckily got the ACLU on the case. Jennifer Rudinger, Executive Director of the ACLU-NC Legal Foundation, said that “the government has no business meddling in the private relationships of consenting adults.”
I agree, but it hasn’t exactly been the precedent set as of late. Just look at Bush’s marriage promotion programs for women on welfare. Who needs a job when you have a man? Ugh.
Clearly this specific case is just about some guy using a decrepit law to justify his blatant discrimination, and it probably won’t hold up in court. But taken in context with all the other crazy misogynist shit that’s been happening, it’s not something that should be dismissed too quickly.
Via Pandagon.

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  • B.D.

    It seems to me that in addition to the mysogynist crap and the twisting of anti gay marriage rights to impend upon straight couples, we’re also seeing a rise of employer’s asserting their views over their employees. The Michigan man, for instance, who demands that his employees not smoke and wants to get people on a weight program next.
    What we’re seeing is an intrusion by government upon the rights and the privacy of the individual on a massive scale. This includes gay rights, women’s rights, reproductive rights, the right to death with dignity, and more.

  • PseudoAdrienne

    I call bullshit! More neocon, moralistic fascist bullshit forced on women and eventually LGBT people. This is how it’s going to be for the next shitty four years unfortunately. Women and members of the LGBT Community; watch as our civil liberties and rights slowly but surely dwindle to nothing.