Chicago Tribune on Plan B

Make sure to check out this piece from The Chicago Tribune, Plan B for pharmacists.
A snippet:
To dwell on the intricacies of the law is to lose sight of a larger point. Turning customers away is bad for business. Pharmacies are in business to sell drugs. It’s not good enough to tell a customer to call back tomorrow when a different pharmacist is on duty, or just go somewhere else. That may be relatively easy in a big city, albeit a good way to lose that customer’s repeat business. But in some rural areas, the next pharmacy isn’t a few blocks away, but many miles.
…Pharmacists must be free to exercise their professional judgment.
Good business practice dictates that employees’ moral qualms cannot be ignored. But in respecting one set of concerns, pharmacy owners need to make sure another doesn’t get trampled.

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  • Roni

    Ironic that an ad for Osco is on the page.

  • jenpossible

    I have an idea for a fun direct action against the conscience clause crap, but I’d need to know a bunch of feminist pharmacists in states with conscience clauses.
    Basically, a group of pharmacists needs to start asking men with Viagra (and other erectile dysfunction medications) prescriptions if they’re married and refuse to fill it if they aren’t. I think that it’s the best equivalent of birth control with men – if you aren’t married, you don’t need an erection for sex.
    Anyway, I don’t think Kentucky has a conscience clause, but for all of you who live in states with one, please take my idea if ya want it :)

  • C-Bird

    You know, Jenpossible, I had the same realization. I wish I were a pharmacist, because I would do it in a heartbeat. Do you realize how much MORE media attention that would get?! God forbid someone denies a man his rights!!!!