Alaskan women get training in trades

A program in Alaska which trains women in the construction trades just received an award from the US Dept. of Labor. (Now if we could only get them to continue reporting on women’s wages…but that’s a gripe for another day.)
Alaska Works Partnership Inc. received the 2004 Exemplary Public Interest Contributions Award from the DOL for efforts to promote equal-employment opportunities:
The program began in summer 2003 with a program that included 15 women. For five weeks, they were given hands-on experience and exposure to various construction trades, including operating, electrical, plumbing, pipe fitting, sheet metal and carpentry.
…Beginning later this spring, the program will conduct training in Anchorage. Fifty-one women attended the first orientation for the Anchorage program. Another 41 are expected this week for a second orientation.

Love it. Nontraditional employment for women is something that isn’t often discussed in feminism, but it’s a necessary workplace issue. Construction and other nontrad jobs pay great money and have flexible schedules, but women are often steered away from them.
Check out Legal Momentum’s Women Rebuild Program and Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) for more.

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  • tfreridge

    I don’t completely agree with Ann Coulter in this article. I do find her to be a very funny person, though. Like many ideologues, she goes way overboard, but there is always a kernal of truth at the core of her rants.
    My experience in the Navy has led me to believe that some woman are capable of any job, however in many cases there are jobs that should have physical qualifications, regardless of whether the applicant is a man or woman, they should have to meet certain physical standards.
    Perhaps, in police and security work, it would not be wrong that the description “physically intimidating” would have to met in order to fufill the job requirements. I’ve met some woman that would be able to fufill those requirements, but not many.