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Student pic of girl wearing tux is banned

Tweet Apparently I’m a little late on this crazy-ass story out of Florida, but I had to write something: Kelli Davis, 18, had her senior class photo taken in a tuxedo top and bow-tie outfit provided for boys rather than the gown-like drape and pearls provided for girls. The school’s principal decided it could not [...]
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Update On Kansas Madness

TweetAs an update to Jessica’s post yesterday on Kansas Attorney General’s demand for the medical records of ninety women who have received abortions, I thought I’d delve a bit deeper into this nonsense. Attorney General Phil Kline was actually permitted by a district judge in October to see these private files, but two medical clinics [...]
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Yet Another Reason To Love Amsterdam

Tweet As an update to Wednesday’s post on Alabama’s ban of selling sex toys, we found that other countries are enjoying their rights to the fullest. While Amsterdam is pretty big on using vending machines for everything — cash, food, condoms, even toothbrushes — well, you can guess what’s coming next. It looks like the [...]
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Cell phone girlfriend sells stereotypes

Tweet The New York Times has a piece today on a potential new fad in dating—don’t. Just get yourself a virtual girlfriend for your cell phone. Ick. Feministing reported on this more than disturbing invention from Hong Kong software maker Artificial Life Inc. last year. “Vivienne” (yes, she has a name) behaves in varying ways [...]
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Madam President

TweetA recent national poll showed that more than 6/10 voters believe the United States is ready for a woman president in 2008 and 53% of them think Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton should be the woman to do it. The poll, conducted by the Siena College Research Institute and sponsored by the Hearst Newspapers, found that [...]
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