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I Think the IWF & Larry Summers Just Found A New Best Friend

TweetMeet Dr. Farrell. He’s the asshole of the week that the NY Times Business Section decided to give in-depth coverage. He’s a pseudo-scientist that believes he’s finally figured out the gendered wage gap. His answer: women self-sabotage. “Women, he believes, methodically engineer their own paltry pay. They choose psychically fulfilling jobs, like librarian or art [...]
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So where do we go from here?

TweetCheck out Cynthia Gorney’s piece for the NY Times, Imagine a Nation Without Roe v. Wade. After giving a brief purview of the states that still have pre-Roe abortion laws on the books (Michigan, Colorado, Alabama & fourteen others) and the states likely to keep abortion legal (New York, Maryland, California & seventeen others), she [...]
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Naming Offending Countries?

TweetAccording to Reuters, U.N. officials are finally acknowledging that sexual assault by peacekeepers is not limited to African missions such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Ivory Coast. A recent examination revealed that widespread allegations of sexual exploitation have emerged in all *sixteen missions* worldwide. In an attempt to address the issue, [...]
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Breaking Free From the Power Suit

TweetMy, my, the Bush administration sure does seem to make fashion waves on its trips to Europe. First there was the shameful Cheney in his “Staff 2001″ knit hat and green, fur-trimmed parka at the Auschwitz ceremony. And now Condoleezza Rice is raising brows among cultural critics with her fashion pick for the Wiesbadan Army [...]
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Georgia On My Mind (And Shit List)

TweetIt looks like a state house in Georgia approved a bill that will require women seeking abortions to undergo a 24-hour waiting period. In fact, the bill also includes a laundry list of little additions: minors will be required to tell their parents, and every women seeking an abortion will be told of the health [...]
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