Student pic of girl wearing tux is banned

Apparently I’m a little late on this crazy-ass story out of Florida, but I had to write something:

Kelli Davis, 18, had her senior class photo taken in a tuxedo top and bow-tie outfit provided for boys rather than the gown-like drape and pearls provided for girls. The school’s principal decided it could not appear in the yearbook because she didn’t follow the dress code.
Kelli, a straight-A student with no discipline problems, is a self-proclaimed lesbian. She said she was uncomfortable to have her chest exposed in the photo. “Because that’s me, you know. That represents me. The drape does not,” Davis said. “They’re not accepting me, that’s the whole reason we’re here.”

Kelli’s school principal decided to ban her pic from the school yearbook. Lovely.
Even better, School Superintendent David Owens said that the decision had nothing to do with Kelli’s sexual orientation: “There’s a dress code to follow — a dress code expected for senior pictures in the yearbook, and she chose not to follow them. It’s just that simple.” Yeah fucking right.
You gotta love this girl’s parents though; they wanted to make sure that their daughter’s picture made it into the year book, so they bought a two-page ad in the back of the book for $700, which will feature the picture.

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  • Kelz

    Are you kidding me? Good for her parents but the school is totaly out of bounds with their rediculousness. She IS in the dress code. She is wearing one of the required drapes for the senior photo.
    How dare the school even pull this shit?
    Ugh. Thats sick.

  • Meredith

    How horrible. I’m a senior in high school, and that damned drape thing made ME uncomfortable. It was huge and kept sliding down, and I thought I was going to accidentally expose myself. Good thing my mom was there.
    I see nothing wrong with her picture. (She looks so cute in the tux, too!) If that’s how she feels comfortable, and she’s wearing the school-issue outfit, who cares?

  • Ms. Niki

    I second that; the drapes are pretty uncomfortable and overly revealing — at my school they gave us little tube tops to wear underneath in case the stupid thing fell down. (at least in Florida they get pearls, though)
    If she was wearing a decent, school-approved outfit, I fail to see what the issue is; there will still be uniformity amongst the senior picture pages. I’m willing to bet it doesn’t have a thing to do with her sexual orientation, however — in my experience schools have a real hard time accepting situations where either sex doesn’t do exactly as expected.

  • C-Bird

    I am sure the principal just thinks she “hasn’t met the right man” or some bullshit like that. On a positive note though, I think it is fabulous that her parents are standing up for her. Many LGBT youth don’t have that support structure and it is nice to see.