Georgia On My Mind (And Shit List)

It looks like a state house in Georgia approved a bill that will require women seeking abortions to undergo a 24-hour waiting period.
In fact, the bill also includes a laundry list of little additions: minors will be required to tell their parents, and every women seeking an abortion will be told of the health risks involved, as well as brochures with fetal pictures and information on child support. What. The. Fuck.
A decent amount of the more controversial aspects were actually taken out of the bill, like informing women of the supposed link between abortion and breast cancer (although it’s been proven nonexistent) and allowing fathers and parents to sue abortion providers for malpractice. Whaa?
Supporters of the bill said that it ended up being a compromise between pro and anti-choicers. Um, yeah. I don’t what the hell they’re talking about, because there is absolutely no middle ground when it comes to this bullshit.

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