Ellen Goodman takes on Hillary’s “Common Ground”

While I’m not trying to hate on Hillary’s speech too much, I have to say that I really loved Ellen Goodman’s latest column, “Whose common ground?”
Check it:
Where exactly is it “possible” to find common cause with those who call themselves prolife? In the three states where women must legally be told the lie that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer? In Virginia, where a state legislator introduced a law that would have made women report “fetal deaths”? Among those who think that stem cell research is homicidal? Or want to overturn Roe v. Wade?
If there is any shared turf in this debate it would be the one that both Clinton and Kennedy bid for: a flat-out campaign to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Yet at this moment, the FDA has once again delayed approval of putting Plan B, the after-the-act contraceptive, on the drug store shelf.
…Safe, legal, and rare. We’re already at the meeting ground. The question is not how far we move but when the other side will get there.

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