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Tweetthe ladies of feministing are attending a conference this morning. we’ll be back later this afternoon. Tweet
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Feministing’s favorite hate-mail

Tweet…or closeted love letters. Depends on how you look at it. Some hilarity to get you through the weekend: Corky Loomis: If you all weren’t so young I’d try to have my way with you, but you’d never give me the time of day. Bitches. I suppose I’ll have to save it all for the [...]
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Apologies Accepted!

Tweet A little update to Lauryn’s post on — the site that makes an official apology for the re-election — apparently another site has been developed in response, The original site also had a photo gallery of thousands who are open to express their disappointment for the four more years with Dubya. Apologies [...]
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Iraqi women on elections: “A Cruel Joke”

TweetCheck out Why I am not taking part in these phoney elections, by Houzan Mahmoud, the UK head of Women’s Freedom in Iraq. You had me at “phoney elections.” Tweet
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Favorite quote this week

TweetFrom Ellen Goodman: On Monday, abortion opponents held the 32d “March for Life.” We barely notice the way the word “life” was hijacked and locked in the right-wing dictionary. “Life” now means fetal life; life begins with conception and ends with birth. Tweet
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