Younger Women’s Taskforce… Again.

What a weekend! We’ll have a full analysis up in a bit; sorry—I’m exhausted from the trip back. Despite some logistical problems on Sunday (we were locked out of the building!), the conference was great and we had such an amazing time meeting all of the participants.
A special thanks to Erin, Terese and Claudia for being the last feministas at the bar with us on Saturday night!
Also stay tuned for posts from some of the women who participated…

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  • Annemarie DuBois

    What an amazing gathering. The meet-up was the most inspiring and energizing experience I’ve been to since the March for Women’s Lives in April.
    Uniting 80-some-odd feminists from all over the country around issues that are meaningful to our generation is certainly an event long over-due and worthy of much media attention. I think it will be interesting to see if and how the mainstream media responds.
    Annemarie, Burlington, VT

  • Kate

    For once in my life I may have been struck speechless! I am enthralled with the women I met, the energy I felt and the actions we began.
    I have been revitalized and I know that my life has taken a turn, for common good I hope. I resolve to take action, to move towards justice and reclaim my space in the world.
    Thanks to the entire YWTF community and more power to us.

  • Claudia

    Hey YWTF sistas,
    This past weekend was a positive overwhelming experience. I just wanted to say hello and tell you I had lots of fun hanging out with both of you at Karma!