Shocker: IWF defends Summers’ comments on women and science

The Independent Women’s Forum never fails to make me want to fucking kill someone. Nice job, ladies.
The Independent Women’s Forum today defends statements by Harvard President Lawrence Summers. Summers suggested the possibility that innate differences between men and women contribute to there being fewer women in science and engineering at colleges and universities.
“President Summers is being vilified for telling the truth about women,” said Nancy Pfotenhauer, president and CEO of the Independent Women’s Forum. “Women have children and choose to raise those children and neurobiology shows us women are better in certain fields than men and tend to gravitate towards those fields they do better in. Men, likewise, gravitate to fields they excel in.”

But lucky us—the IWF is conveniently giving contact info. Call away…
Contact: Louise Filkins
Phone: (202) 419-1820

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