Younger Women’s Task Force Meeting

Both Lauryn and I are in DC at the Younger Women’s Taskforce Meeting, a project of the National Council of Women’s Organizations. Having a great time, meeting some awesome women. We’ll give a full report on Monday…

Lauryn asking all the participants to write about their experience at the conference to possibly post on Feministing. Doesn’t she look so professional?

Young women at work…

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  • Craig

    We could really use some more feminist perspectives on this new project.
    Feel free to participate!

  • Lexie

    Can’t wait to see the report! Jessica, are you planning on coming to our meetings for the NY region?
    Let me know, as I’m co-director.

  • Jessica

    Lexie, I’m definitely coming to the NY meetings–just let me know when and where!

  • Cynthia

    Hello fellow YWTF Conference participants,
    I posted my initial reactions to the conference on my blog, Chicken Foot Stew –
    I’m glad to see other younger women take advantage of new media.
    By the way, I originally assumed that your Vox commentor was one of you just stirring up shit and trying to get some reaction from your readers. Am I right?

  • Jessica

    Cynthia–afraid not. Vox is our resident misogynist mascot…

  • Ryan

    Cynthia–Vox is the resident bullshit alarm. Don’t be fooled into thinking that he is misgynist because he the biggest advocate of equal treatment on this site.

  • Jessica

    this from the guy who called someone a “mangina”

  • Ryan

    Do terms like “assholery” and “small penis” ring any bells with you, Jessica. You shouldn’t be acting like you have the moral high ground when you don’t.

  • Jessica

    Yes, Ryan they do ring bells with me. I believe that these were both terms used concerning you. But unfortunately for your argument–it wasn’t me who used them.

  • Ryan

    Sorry, I got you confused with Amanda.
    I’ll have to remember that you are the civil one. Believe it or not that makes all the difference to me.