The Thong-O-Mat

Too funny. A German woman has created a thong dispenser in bar bathrooms for all the ladies who get caught out there wearing granny panties right before a potential hook-up.
For around $8, you can get a thong and a “toothpaste tablet” (can’t have the stinky breath…) to make your night complete. Innovative or fucking ridiculous?
Via Nerve.

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  • Ryan

    You can’t deny the idea is “innovative” whether or not you think it’s ridiculous. This lady is going to make bank because we all know bars can’t resist a new dispenser of anything.
    However, if I was on the other end of this and waiting for the “potential hook-up” while she was in the bathroom, I think I’d prefer she abstain from the purchase. The bottom line: I think I’d prefer your granny panties to some thong that has been boxed up in a bathroom for god knows how long. I’m sure these thongs are packaged or something, while in the dispenser, and I’m also sure that I’d never know the difference if a woman happened to go in for a quick change, but all I’m saying is that if I had a choice I’d rather avoid the “dispensed thong.”

  • Jen

    My questions is who has that much change to put in a vending machine?
    And also, who would let a stupid thing like granny panties keep them from getting it on in the first place? Especially if it’s a random hookup.

  • Jessica

    I’m with you, Jen. I think that if I’m willing to spend that much on vending machine underwear, as well as that insecure, I have bigger problems than granny panties!

  • Amanda

    I’m still divided on whether that’s a better idea than my old stand-by when I was younger of just ditching the ugly panties in the trash and letting the gals go free.

  • Linnaeus

    Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but I don’t find thongs particularly attractive. If she feels sexier with them on, fine, but I’m just not into them.

  • V’s Herbie

    Too funny… I wonder if she’ll make a model that takes credit cards, that would really boost sales.
    On a factual note… The woman is German, not Dutch. Unless they moved Stuttgart while I wasn’t looking.

  • patrick

    maybe they could have a change machine that spits out the dollar coins like they do at the post office

  • Mike

    In Europe, coins are worth real money. Like Canada, but more so….
    I don’t think the idea will catch on; why not just go commando?

  • Ms. Niki

    I think Amanda and Mark just agreed …
    That is a brilliant idea, business-wise. Half the morning/evening shows here were talking about it the other day. The bizarreness of her product is getting her an amazing amount of publicity.

  • Ms. Niki

    Oh, my bad, that was “Mike.” So much for that idea.
    But if they made an American version, it would really *have* to take credit cards or big bills; $8 in quarters is insanely bulky and kinda heavy.

  • Jessica

    apologies–i thought for some reason she was a dutch chick living in germany. read wrong.

  • Timeless

    It says that it costs 6 euro in the article. At best, that’s 3 coins of 2 euro. At worst, drob by the bar first and ask for some change.

  • lisa

    perhaps irrelevant point: why not take the grannies off, period? underwear is like, so, passe.

  • lisa

    oops. i see that amanda had the same bright idea as yrs truly.

  • Trish Wilson

    I have to agree that it’s a brilliant idea businesswise. Tipsy women will fill that dispenser with quarters or dollar coins. And then walk out into the bar with the thongs on their heads if they don’t like them.

  • joselle

    Am I the only one that thinks granny panties (or tap pants or boycuts) are way hotter than thongs?

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