Feministing’s comment policy

The gals over at Feministing are pleased as punch that we’ve been getting so many comments lately—the whole purpose of starting this site was to foster an open dialogue among young women.
Unfortunately, the increase in traffic we’ve had recently has also brought out some folks who are less than polite about their opposition to the content of Feministing. As I’ve said before, I’m not into censoring. If people disagree and want to argue in the comments section, I’m all for it.
But I’m not going to tolerate threats or verbal abuse. And as much as I’d like to respond to every comment we receive—even the insulting ones—I just don’t have enough time in the day. So from now on, if certain people are here just to be assholes, I’m going to erase their comments.
Now let me be clear—this doesn’t apply to those who come to respectfully disagree with us. This doesn’t apply to those who come to sarcastically disagree. This policy is only for those whose comments are outright threatening or abusive.
Now back to the real work…
UPDATE: Sometimes when I’m dealing with all the freaky comment spam we get, a legitimate comment gets erased by accident. We’re trying to figure out a way to cut down on this; thanks for your patience!

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  • http://www.polyglut.net/ Chris Tessone

    You-all use MoveableType, right? A member of my Honors committee wrote a plugin that should complete eliminate spam on MT blogs. It’s called BotBlock:
    The idea is basically that language parsing is much harder than any of the other problems (like image parsing) that bots are forced to solve by plugins. So if you set up BotBlock to ask simple questions before commenting, humans should be able to comment but bots won’t be able to.
    There’s a similar hack for WordPress here:

  • AnonymousFem

    Really now. Ladies from feministing are too good and too pure to deny battered women posting about their own experiences of women on women violence.
    Then pray, do tell, why did your all knowing and GRRRRL POWER moderators delete the post of an actual abused woman in such a relationship and my
    previous post of how women are responsable for emotional abuse as well as a significant proportion of domestic abuse (with children of course).
    Oh you think I’m being an ass?
    Well let me tell you, my cousin was abused SURVIVED. Her stepmom “emotionally abused” (more like manipulated) her to the point where she physically mutilated herself and had to go to therapy. All at the age of 14 and 15. And she’s not the last or first one I know of.
    Now…is that something you do to a CHILD??
    If it had been a man doing that to her, you would’ve been in an outrage!!
    So come on! Let me hear you protest! Foam at the mouth at this injustice! A CHILD got ABUSED! The! Outrage!
    Oh wait. Never mind. Abusers are only allowed to have penises (now I can only wonder why I ever got a stupid notion like that.)
    Your actions have proven to me exactly what I need to know. That you’re superior-than-thou and close-minded frauds. I bet you hate the fact that a WOMAN called you on your flawed logic.
    I feel for that dyke who’s post you deleted, because I bet she’s not the first lesbian to be in an abusive relationship. She must be really feeling humbled about you having had deleted her post and must be thinking ‘Wow. Those feministings are SO caring. Let me spread the word!’
    Delete, ban, or keep this post up. I don’t care what you do with it. But if the feminist movement has to have your hypocritical faces attached to it, then I no longer want a part of it.
    Excuse me for being a jerk, but you guys are earning that treatment by completely ignoring and not acknolowedging people who have been abused. That to me, tells me you are as bad as the perpetrators of abuse.
    I am going to go back to the kitchen, take off my shoes and spend the rest of my life making DAMN sure my big swollen belly doesn’t accidentally knock over my husbands dinner.

  • Jessica

    Thanks Chris! I’ll look into it…

  • Jessica

    AnonymousFem, I see you’ve decided to post this comment in two places. See the comments section in “The Legitimacy Of An Abuse” for my response.

  • lauryn

    as a feministing contributing editor, i have to say that i think we’re making a necessary move by refusing to give voice to abusive comments.
    the mission of feministing is to give young women & feminists a place to have their voices heard. this includes a *huge* range of voices with *lots* of varying opinions, but hateful and intimidating comments do nothing to promote our mission. i think it’s important for feministing to take a stand and [continue to] provide a platform for anyone interested in critically analyzing issues that impact young women.
    i know that there is no such thing as a “safe space” on the internet (or in real life, for that matter), *but* i think that we have to try and foster a space where young women feel free to make their voices heard. it can good for all of us to be challenged on our positions–to be forced to check our assumptions–but not in a way that creates a climate of intimidation for us *or* our readers.
    *and* i hope all of our loyal readers (and commentors) know just how much your feedback means. i’ve definitely re-thought a lot of my positions after getting comments from y’all! so thank you and please keep commenting!

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  • http://outrageousaccent DavidMedallion

    Hey, I am, and this may be the only entry from a male. I love women, sadly women don’t love me.. besides that point I honestly believe that Women are being violated at every age by “gynocs” and the only point that will prove my point is that if woman are intelligent and as well look out for their daughters integrety they {mothers} will buy an effen mirror for them {daughters} and read a fucking book. I mean every “gynoc” exam drops women back 50 years. READ A FUCKING BOOK. You know whats going on down there. And yet YALL let sick scumbags infiltrate girls as wells as older womens personsel space. READ AN EFFEN BOOK and put some pride into womenhood… For Gods Sake. Amen.

  • http://outrageousaccent DavidMedallion

    I left an earlier comment about “gynocs” and I stand by every statement I left. But Im sure that i need to say that i really dont understand what females go through {not only on a month to month basis } But through-out life in gyneral… general.. gyneryall..But I pray a sense of humor is universal.GIRLS ROCK.and i guess DUDES ROLL..

  • http://outrageousaccent DavidMedallion

    I am an honest guy and am no caveman . my two sense were posted in a row. SEX shouldn’t be an issue but it should be implied.{HA ha} Women down right own the world .. yall should start covering up . Only if only because then classic poodle skirts will work their way back into mainstream { Shake it baby shake} All jokes aside seriously the sexiest things ARE left to the imagination. And those of us Males that still have an imagination pray that there ARE GIRLS out there that believe in us. Because no matter what happens I do believe in love. and just pray yall do too.

  • Frenchwoman

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