Dumbest move ever

A New Hampshire judge was suspended for groping five women at a conference on sexual assault and domestic violence. (He later resigned.)
Nice move, asshole.

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  • http://mizzkyttie.typepad.com/mind Kim

    HOLY CRAP! Can you believe that I frickin’ -live- in New Hampshire and I didn’t know about this ’til right now? God, I feel so uninformed — I think it’s time I start paying attention to the local news more, as opposed to just national and international.
    Did some poking around, and here’s a larger article about it from my local paper:
    Judge Jones Resigns: http://www4.fosters.com/January2005/01.26.05/news/ap_nh0126p.asp

  • http://www.resonant.org/ Zed Pobre

    What gets me on this is that he was doing this to legal professionals working in his court. You’d think that at some point a fundamental survival instinct would kick in, even if he was drunk at the time.
    I think the most telling thing about the power structures, however, is that despite sexually assaulting five women, the sum total of his penalty appears to be a conviction for simple assault, 7 days of alcohol abuse treatment, and the loss of his job — and that last only came after a struggle. I wonder how much of that is built into the system, and how much is because he was a judge.

  • http://norbizness.com norbizness

    If ever there was a living embodiment of the phrase “he secretly hoped that he would get caught,” that would be it.