we *will* go to jail to protect our reproductive rights

The Washington Post reported that nine activists were arrested yesterday for protesting the FDA’s position on the morning after pill.
The ladies gathered outside of the Health & Human Services Building and demanded to speak with Steven Galson, the FDA asshole who rejected the application for Plan B to be sold over the counter. While they didn’t get a meeting with Mr. Galson, they did manage to send a strong message–WE ARE WILLING TO GO TO JAIL TO PROTECT OUR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS. Right on, ladies!
These activists are getting some new institutional support as well. Earlier this week Vanessa discussed a recent study by the American Medical Association which revealed that use of the morning after pill *does not* lead to an increase in pregnancy rates, promote unprotected sex or cause women to give up their regular birth control (contrary to what all the anti’s like to promote). Yesterday, the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists jumped on board, calling for the FDA to approve Plan B’s new application, further noting that greater access emergency contraception could cut the rate of unintended pregnancies in *half*.
While I’m keeping my fingers crossed about Round 2 at the FDA, given the current political climate, it’s hard not to feel cynical.
So, good or bad, are you ready for the FDA’s decision? AND are you ready for the anniversary of Roe v. Wade?
If your calendar is empty on January 22nd, check out Planned Parenthood’s 32 Ways to Commemorate 32 years of Reproductive Freedom. *AND* be sure to let feministing know how *you* plan to celebrate your reproductive rights.

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