VA Delegate Cosgrove’s interests…other than putting women in jail

Apparently Del. John Cosgrove of Virginia doesn’t take joy just in imprisoning women who have miscarriages; he’s also quite the fan of singing Christmas Carols!
In fact, Cosgrove is so enamored with the sound of his own voice that he sent 3,500 friends and constituents a CD himself singing Christmas carols and “other Christian songs.” Apparently everyone in his constituency must be a Christian, cause otherwise that would be a little creepy. Oh wait, his constituency isn’t all Christian. Huh.
Cosgrove made no apologies for the religious nature of his CD—titled “A Cosgrove Christmas” (yes, I’m serious)—noting that “being a Christian…Christmas is the time to recognize the birth of Jesus.” Ok, I can dig that. But again, that doesn’t mean everyone else thinks the same. Sheesh.
Maybe next year he can do a remake of “Christmas in Jail.” A special tune for all you ladies out there going through the tragedy of a miscarriage.

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