Smart women don’t get married

According to a recent British study, the higher a woman’s IQ the less likely she is to get married. The opposite is true for men.
The study found the likelihood of marriage increased by 35 percent for boys for each 16-point increase in IQ.
But for girls, there is a 40-percent drop for each 16-point rise, according to the survey by the universities of Aberdeen, Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Whoa. That sounds kind of drastic.
What’s really interesting to me, however are particular assumptions that came from these stats:

“Women in their late 30s who have gone for careers after the first flush of university and who are among the brightest of their generation are finding that men are just not interesting enough,” said psychologist and professor at Nottingham University Paul Brown in The Sunday Times.
Claire Rayner, writer and broadcaster, said in the article that intelligent men often prefered a less brainy partner.
“A chap with a high IQ is going to get a demanding job that is going to take up a lot of his energy and time. In many ways he wants a woman who is an old-fashioned wife and looks after the home, a copy of his mum in a way.”

Eww. Firstly, I think mums across the globe should tell Claire that being a mother doesn’t mean you’re “old-fashioned” or “less brainy.” Secondly, certain women not getting married could be because they just don’t want to–not because of a lack of quality men.
UPDATE: Also check out Bonnie Erbe’s take on this study, writing for Scripps Howard. Me likey (mostly).

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