The Double S Stands For Shitty-Ass State

Check out Newsday’s article on the last standing abortion clinic in Mississippi, and the lead that the state has taken in the war on reproductive rights.
There used to be seven clinics available to get an abortion. Yet over the recent years, Mississippi has become widely known as a state that is intent on abolishing the procedure from its territory. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is now the last clinic remaining.
Mississippi reached a peak of abortions in 1991, when 8,814 were reported. The number dropped more than half in 2002, and last year the figures were less than one-third of the national rate. The state recently passed the new “conscience clause” in effect (allowing any health care provider to refuse an abortion or emergency contraception). It’s one of the only two states requiring consent of both parents for a minor to get an abortion (the other state is North Dakota). Along with Texas, it also requires that women seeking abortions be told — despite the National Cancer Institute’s findings — that abortion may increase their risk of breast cancer.
Wow. If the last clinic is closed, I say we just move all the anti-choicers there to live in their merry utopia state o’ “morals”.

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  • stew

    I believe Miss. also has the highest infant mortality rate. Ignorance kills !

  • garth

    what ever happened to safe, legal, and rare? do these people even know what they’re doing?

  • daniel

    Sure is nice to see at least one state trying to do something about premeditated murder

  • Echidne of the snakes

    I agree. This should be where the fundamentalists can go to live according to their own rules. Everybody else should be assisted in their moving away from the state.
    Just kidding. I know that people can’t move away like that.

  • Jeanne

    No! Please don’t send us any more fundimentalists! Some of us in MS work to stop this wrong direction, to stem the loss of clinics and but we will loose. We need help from outside. Our one remaining clinic is precious, but it cannot help all who need it. Please don’t think all Mississippians are like the wing-nuts.

  • Amanda

    Don’t forget that the fundies are the ones who need these services the most, as they are more likely than others to be taught not to use contraception.

  • mythago

    I’m quite sure the fundies go straight to the abortion clinic when they need to. My Abortion Is Different and all.

  • Carmen Govani

    Sometimes it seems to me, that it is necessary to create movement of scientific fundamentalism – for the symmetric answer to fundamentalists religious. Also it is not necessary to have seven spans in a forehead to understand: all is consequences of Muslim fundamentalism of political conditions in the country.

  • susanb

    well people should have a choice in abortion. I am glad there are clinics for this. colon cancer