Scarlet letter for strippers?

The City Council in San Antonio, Texas recently approved a measure that will require strippers to wear permits while they are on stage.
According to the Associated Press, the reasoning behind this deliberate public shaming of women (called a “human display ordinance,” puh-leeze) is to make it easier for police to identify dancers.
Um, isn’t stripping legal? And I’m guessing if you’re in a strip club, it would be pretty easy to identify who the dancers are. If the local cops can’t figure that shit out on their own, I’d say the City Council has a lot more to worry about than strippers.
A lawyer for clubs in the area is arguing against the measure, pointing out that it is pretty fucking dangerous for a woman to wear a piece of paper that displays her name and address.
But hey, what’s wrong with accommodating potential stalkers, right?
Via Nerve.

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