Suing for sexual harassment…after he’s dead?

Um, this was just too odd not to point out.
Jo An Corrales, Marlon Brando’s former business manager, has filed a $3.5 million suit against the deceased actor’s estate, accusing him of sexual harassment.
Clearly it’s awful if she was harassed by Brando, but suing a dead guy? Come on now.

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  • Amanda

    I hope it’s not true. I have such a good opinion of him.

  • Mike F-S

    Brando was totally batshit crazy at the end of his life because of untreated syphillis. He once caused the cancellation of the filming of a buddy movie featuring him and an eight year old Asian girl because he showed up to the filming having memorized all “his” lines… except that he had memorized the lines in preparation for playing the role of the girl.