Post-holiday weirdness

We hope all of you had a great holiday weekend are making amazing plans for the upcoming New Year celebrations…
Just a quick thing:
Don’t know if anyone noticed this in the NY Times magazine yesterday, but it was too laughable not bring up:
Check out the headline for one of the articles (the whole mag was “The Lives They Lived,” focusing on different folks lives who died this year):


The Man Who Really, Really Loved Women
He couldn’t take his eyes off his actresses’ breasts. But deep down, they say, he was a true feminist.
Um, ok. I’m game.
Russ Meyer was a filmmaker and Playboy photographer. And according to Tura Satana (a former star of his films) was also a feminist because:
He loved to make women look good. I have never seen any of the gals in his films look bad. And the men in his movies were always incapacitated in some way. They were either in a wheelchair or on crutches or short of a full deck. He liked to make women strong, make them feel that they were empowered.
Uhh…ok. Last time I checked, making women look good didn’t qualify you as a feminist. And of course it’s great to make women empowered in films, but no so much if you have to cripple men to do it. Creepy.

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