Post-holiday weirdness

We hope all of you had a great holiday weekend are making amazing plans for the upcoming New Year celebrations…
Just a quick thing:
Don’t know if anyone noticed this in the NY Times magazine yesterday, but it was too laughable not bring up:
Check out the headline for one of the articles (the whole mag was “The Lives They Lived,” focusing on different folks lives who died this year):


The Man Who Really, Really Loved Women
He couldn’t take his eyes off his actresses’ breasts. But deep down, they say, he was a true feminist.
Um, ok. I’m game.
Russ Meyer was a filmmaker and Playboy photographer. And according to Tura Satana (a former star of his films) was also a feminist because:
He loved to make women look good. I have never seen any of the gals in his films look bad. And the men in his movies were always incapacitated in some way. They were either in a wheelchair or on crutches or short of a full deck. He liked to make women strong, make them feel that they were empowered.
Uhh…ok. Last time I checked, making women look good didn’t qualify you as a feminist. And of course it’s great to make women empowered in films, but no so much if you have to cripple men to do it. Creepy.

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from the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

A song for today: “We who believe in freedom cannot rest”

On days like today, like last Monday, like September 4th, like July 15th of 2013, May 2nd of 2012, and like many, many more, I reach for Sweet Honey in the Rock‘s “Ella’s Song,” a song composed of legendary civil rights leader Ella Baker‘s own words. “We who believe in freedom cannot rest,” Ella said. “We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes,” Sweet Honey sings.

Sweet Honey in the Rock, an ...

On days like today, like last Monday, like September 4th, ...