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Falwell calls NOW, “National Order of Witches;” Feministing ridicules his inability to create a decent acronym-inspired insult

TweetMedia Matters reports that in a November 21 television appearance, Reverend Jerry Falwell—chairman of the Faith and Values Coalition and founder of The Moral Majority—called the National Organization for Women (NOW) the “National Order of Witches.” Yeah, I bet all the ladies over at NOW were huddled around their cauldrons just fuming over that one. [...]
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Princess power?

Tweet In our attempts to raise our kids progressively, are we keeping them from what they really want? Check out Salon’s A Nation of Little Princesses for a father’s point of view on his daughter’s growing obsession with all things “princess,” and how parents can reconcile their politics with their kids’ Disney-induced interests. Best author [...]
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Cause band-aids shouldn’t discriminate

Tweet Check out this cool new product, Bandshades—for those of us (which would be most) who don’t have a nasty pasty shade of peach for skin color. Bandshades come in five different shades and do a hell of a better job at looking discrete than your typical band-aid. (Unless you’re still sporting your Hello Kitty [...]
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Louisiana abstinence website promotes BS

Tweet<img src="" The ACLU is threatening a lawsuit against Louisiana’s Governor’s Program on Abstinence because of references to God on its website. Upon looking at the site, the religious stuff is definitely a problem, but what kills me is the false and potentially dangerous health information on the website. On the “Medical Info” page, all [...]
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I know the feminist stereotype but this is ridiculous

Tweet Just in case you feel the need to wear testicles…buy some “ballsies.” Scary stuff. Thanks to Ray for the link. Tweet
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