The Washington Post reported today that a “federal appeals court prohibited the government from withholding funds from colleges and universities that refuse to cooperate with military recruiters because of the Pentagon’s discrimination against gays in the armed forces.”
RIGHT ON! This is wonderful news.
Here’s the deal: Colleges and law schools around the country have been, over the last few years, protesting military recruiters on campus because of the military’s discrimination against gays. [A few weeks ago here at the University of Michigan Law School people wore suits in protest of JAG recruiters. It was really powerful.]
In late 2001, the Pentagon (gotta love Rumsfeld) sent letters to more than 20 law schools threatening to cut off their federal funding unless they stopped. Gotta love free speech!
According to the Post, when faced with this threat, the law schools began cooperating with the Pentagon but filed complaints in federal court seeking to overturn the law.
“Yesterday’s ruling in a case … overturned a decision by a lower court judge and marked the first time an appeals court had blocked the government from enforcing the law.”
YEE FUCKING HAW!!!!! Take that Bush. Now if we could only get the Supreme Court to EVENTUALLY hear some gay marriage cases, justice might actually be within reach.

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  • http://www.amptoons.com/blog/ Ampersand

    I agree that this is great news… but the last thing I want is the Supreme Court hearing any gay marriage cases!
    First of all, this court is far too conservative; although SSM certainly should win in any court, there’s a good chance it wouldn’t win in this court.
    Second, even if the Supreme Court ruled in favor of SSM, all that would do is galvanize a federal constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. So we’d lose whatever gains we’ve made in Massachusetts (and that we might be about to gain in Connecticut and New Jersey).
    Until the country has some time – maybe a few years, maybe a decade – to realize that the sky didn’t fall in Massachusetts, there’s nothing that would be a bigger problem for the marriage equality movement than a victory in the Supreme Court. (Beyond, that is, the victory of the Court refusing to hear cases).

  • http://intmathran.blogspot.com Alir J. Black

    Though I do not agree with most of the stuff you gal, do i dare say guys, say on this site. I must say one thing I dont want to see is the feds getting in to gay marrage. I dont think they should half the power they do now. And a blanket law on gay marrage is stupid, no matter what the goverment does to try and stop this chaos, it is going to happen no matter what. So I say we let people preach teach and live, no more trying to pass laws to stop things that cant be stoped.

  • http://rhetoricallyyours.blogspot.com/ rojopelo

    “And a blanket law on gay marrage is stupid, no matter what the goverment does to try and stop this chaos, it is going to happen no matter what.”
    You do realize that people said things along these same lines back during the Civil Rights era? That a blanket law for civil rights for African-Americans would be stupid, would be unfair to the states who opposed it, and would cause chaos?
    And guess what– it DID cause chaos! But in the end people adapted and by golly, even began to see African-Americans as human beings with their own rights in our society. (I should add “SOME people” since I come from the south and have a family comprised of some of the most racist people this side of the KKK…)
    I don’t know if I want the gay marriage case going to the SCOTUS yet, much for the same reasons as Ampersand mentioned. But to say that the court shouldn’t have the power to decide on such a case, or that the court must bow down wholly and fully to the prejudice prevailing in our society, regardless of our Constitutional rights, is to be very ignorant of the American government and judicial system. The SCOTUS is not there to make friends or win hearts– they are there to uphold the law of the United States of America.

  • http://rhetoricallyyours.blogspot.com/ rojopelo

    sorry for the double posting– my computer crashed… :(

  • Hestia

    I understand how it’s good that colleges can ban homophobic organizations, but I’m a bit concerned that this decision will make it easier for other federally-funded colleges to ban groups that promote GLBT rights as well as other groups that support progressive values. Can a college now decide to refuse to let Democrats come on campus to register new voters, just because it doesn’t like some part of the Democratic platform?