Lactate With A Latte, Part II

Check out this article from Women’s eNews about the mothers’ fight to feed her baby in public. After writing a post this summer on the infamous breast-feeding protests at Starbucks, it’s sad to find that the lactating ladies are still having a hard time.
Despite the breast-feeding campaigns that have been spreading across the nation, and although over 30 states already have laws protecting breast-feeding in public, women are still continually being violated of their rights by being asked to cover themselves up.
Are there really so many people concerned with this “public indecency” of a woman, or does society have a hard time accepting the breast’s natural function due of its over-sexualization, as Mary Lofton of La Leche League International suggests? Both seem pretty evident to me.
After you check out the article, take a peek at La Leche International’s website. La Leche International is an advocacy group for breast-feeding. Very interesting stuff.

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  • forrest

    The La Leche League is a really interesting example of grassroots, value-neutral feminism. I once dated a woman whose mother was one of the regional heads of the group, and it was interesting to see how many women rallied to the cause who were not — at all — typical feminist activists. Many of them were very conservative, evangelical types who also believed very strongly in their right to nurse their children how they saw fit, right alongside hardened old granola-type feminists. It was a pretty inspirational thing to see.

  • emjaybee

    What always gets me is that when this comes up, a guy will mention being startled seeing a woman breastfeed somewhere (restaurant, park, subway) and having to strain himself to look away. This strikes me as odd, because I very seldom am paying that kind of attention to the women around me, and when I have seen one, I had no trouble not looking at her if I chose.
    It just seems to be a splash of cold water for guys who apparently spend a lot of time looking at women’s breasts and now have to figure out what else to look at instead. Kind of nice side-effect.