A Gay Movie Hero? NEVER!

There’s been quite a bit of buzz going around about Oliver Stone’s newest film, “Alexander.” The New York Times wrote a piece on it this week, and Stone’s portrayal of the fourth-century Macedonian victor, Alexander The Great, as being in love with a man.
Although Alexander (played by my Irish lover, Colin Farrell) is married, there are a number of love scenes in the film between Alexander and his boyhood friend, Hephaistion, who is played by Jared Leto. A hot pair of men in togas? Buy me a ticket!
But alas, it looks like some people aren’t happy about this breakthrough for Hollywood. Apparently a group of Greek lawyers have been threatening to sue Stone for his portrayal of Alexander as gay or bisexual. They are requesting that Stone includes a statement in the credits of the title disclosing that the movie is based on fiction, and not fact. Yet historians believe that Stone’s depiction is accurate, and most also believe that Alexander The Great was bisexual, if not gay.
Some may say this is a huge step for the gay community, and that the film “may redefine what is acceptable to mass audiences when it comes to heroic portrayals on the silver screen.” This is absolutely true, and is absolutely a good thing. Yet we know that it can’t all be good. After all, it is Hollywood.
“Warner, which financed ‘Alexander’ with the German company Intermedia, has taken pains to de-emphasize the film’s gay aspect in its advertising campaign – the trailer declares Alexander’s ‘passion’ while showing a love scene between Mr. Farrell and Ms. Dawson.”
So even though the love of his life is a man, he still likes women, see?? He’s only half gay, so it’s okay! Sigh.
I’ve actually heard that the depiction of Alexander’s relationship with Hephaistion plays a significantly small part in the movie, and the presence of homosexuality is pretty sparse. So while society applauds the people involved with this film for being sooo brave to approach such a controversial subject, I’d wait until I see the movie before I put any hands together.

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