Louisiana abstinence website promotes BS

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The ACLU is threatening a lawsuit against Louisiana’s Governor’s Program on Abstinence because of references to God on its website. Upon looking at the site, the religious stuff is definitely a problem, but what kills me is the false and potentially dangerous health information on the website.
On the “Medical Info” page, all you see is a big old header:
MYTH: “Be responsible and safe. Protect yourself. Use a condom.”
What’s worse is that there is no explanation attached, just links to other articles that talk about things as varied as reclaiming your virginity to cancer-causing agents in condoms. Great.
And where do they get their info? From such bastions of truth like Concerned Women for America and The Heritage Foundation.
Looks like the kids of Louisiana are in some deep shit, education-wise…And is anyone else disturbed that the “edu” in the website logo looks like it’s written in crayon?

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