Activists Demand Justice for the Dead

As today is the Mexican holiday of The Day of the Dead, a group of activists have been traveling through Mexico, the United States and Canada, demanding justice for the hundreds of young women who have been raped and murdered within the past 10 years in Ciudad Juarez.
A large portion of the activists are the victims’ mothers, who claim that justice has not been brought to their daughters’ murderers. These young women, some in their early teenage years, have been disappearing since 1993. Their bodies are usually found months later in the deserts of Cuidad Juarez. There has been over 340 murders.
I have actually just recently seen an incredible movie on these slayings called “Senorita Extraviada” directed by Lourdes Portillo. This film, although devastating/enfuriating, enlightens us on some of the reasons behind why the culprits of these acts have not been “found”. It offers a very interesting perspective on the cases and how the Mexican police, government, and possibly drug trafficking play into the picture.
I highly recommend this film. If you don’t have big plans for today, rent it and hear the women’s stories.

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