When Republicans and Domestic Violence collide

Freaky shit. This past Tuesday, an 18 year-old Marine recruit in Florida threatened to stab his girlfriend because she was voting for John Kerry. Sounds like a reasonable guy.
Apparently Steven Scott Soper (maybe it was all the alliteration that put him over the edge…) went nutty when his girlfriend told him that not only was she breaking up with him, but she was –gasp!—voting for Kerry for president.
Soper, a strong Bush supporter, told his soon to be ex-girlfriend Stacey Silheira that she would “never live to see the election,” and held her captive with a screwdriver to her neck until police could subdue him.
I see a future with the RNC for this guy. Bringing voter intimidation to a new level…what a go-getter!

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  • MD

    I think the important detail there that no story is focusing on is that she was breaking up with him – not just that she was voting for Kerry. Not that that excuses his actions, just puts things into perspective.

  • http://www.wewintheylose.blogspot.com Mark

    No worries — even if he put her in a wheelchair, once Kerry is elected, she’d stand and walk. Just ask John Edwards. :)

  • farmgirl

    Scary to think of this guy walking the streets of Iraq armed, or working in Abu Greib. When anyone reads this and thinks of our domestic Violence against Women stats. do they seriously by the “few bad apples” theory?

  • http://www.wewintheylose.blogspot.com Mark

    No farmgirl, you’re right — most, if not all soldiers, and all men, are evil.