Happy Halloween! A Feministing costume contest…

So in the spirit of the holiday, Feministing wants to see your best efforts at feminist and/or political costumes. Send your pics to me, and we’ll feature the best ones on the site on Monday.
Usually I go with a birthday-themed costume (I’ll be officially in my late 20s the day after Halloween…now that’s scary!), but this year I really had go with something election-inspired.
After some serious consideration, I’ve decided to go as a “swinger state” for a Saturday night soiree…So be prepared to see some trashy-ass pictures of me dressed as a 70s-style swinger (think The Ice Storm) with a Hello-My-Name-is-Pennsylvania sticker on. Can’t wait…
So what does everyone have planned?

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  • Allison

    I already think you have won the best political costume prize… your costume rocks! I want to be feministing for halloween because I love your site:)