Politics and Cookies

In an article in the Post-Standard yesterday titled, “Chocolate Chunks Sway Voters,” you can only guess what that means. That’s right, it’s a Candidates’ Wives Cookie Bake-Off! You have got to be shitting me.
No, unfortunately not. Apparently the newspaper took a poll of Central New Yorkers on their preference between Teresa Heinz Kerry’s pumpkin spice cookies and Laura Bush’s oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies.
“The cookies were educational projects for schools, classes and social agencies. The idea was to have fun and focus on the events of the presidential election. The cookie votes were cast strictly on taste. More than 400 people took the time to let us know what their taste buds selected.”
Wow. I’m all for getting involved in fun ways to “focus on the events of the presidential election,” but then why, please, tell me why cookies?? Ugh. I can’t think of a worse way to trivialize the two women. Yet I wouldn’t be surprised if Laura was thrilled, especially when she found out that her cookie won the poll. Should we be surprised she won in a bake-off anyway?

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