Mucho love for Teresa

If you’re a Teresa fan, you’re going to seriously enjoy Nerve’s Wife Swap (ignore the title, I beg of you), a love-letter of sorts to the “cheeky,” “sexy” future first lady…

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  • Ampersand

    I adore Teresa, but I didn’t adore the article you linked to – did you catch the author praising Teresa by saying “she’s no feminazi”? Icky.

  • Jessica

    ack! didn’t catch that line. it’s always disappointing to see articles that want to praise women, but need throw in the feminist disclaimer bullshit. apologies for not addressing that in the post.

  • r@d@r

    i haven’t found a presidential life partner this intriguing since rosalynn carter. [i found hillary, though powerfully savvy, to be a little bit too concerned with what people thought of her - believe it or not, i loved it when she showed her edge, like the whole "no time to bake cookies" thing, and wished she'd show more.] nancy, babs and laura i must leave out of this, for partisan reasons.
    i definitely get the feeling that THK doesn’t give a FF what anybody thinks of her, and that’s always attractive. the accent, the eyebrows, the caustic wit – yep, definitely want to get to know her better. i haven’t read any of the bestselling political memoirs of the past few years, but i’ll read hers.


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  • Bloomberg

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  • GamesOnline

    I adore Teresa games.