CUNT! Cuntcuntcuntcuntcunt…

Now was that so hard? I think not.
But the folks at the Chicago Tribune disagree. Because of a last-minute freak out over the contentious c-word, editors were running around like maniacs pulling out the Women’s News section from their Wednesday papers.
The Tribune had originally planned to run an article, “You c-nt say that (or can you?),” which discussed “cunt” and whether the word was becoming more acceptable.
Instead of the intended article, which was written by freelancer Lisa Bertagnoli, the Tribune ran a piece about military widows. This only reached readers in the city however; those in suburban areas didn’t get the Women’s News section at all.
The weirdest thing about this story (at least to me), is that Bertagnoli never even uses the word cunt! But apparently because she hints at it by “providing words it rhymes with and making its anatomical reference clear,” it was offending enough.
So it’s not just the word that the Tribune folks find offensive…even the idea of cunt is too much!
I know that people have pretty divergent thoughts on this, but how does removing an article that is simply attempting to open some dialogue serve anyone?

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