Women can’t afford another four years

As we’ve reported before, there’s only one choice next Tuesday when it comes to equal pay for women.
Women’s Enews took a look at the candidates recently, showing how each one could potentially hurt—or help—their pocketbooks.
The article notes that working women represent almost 65 million votes, yet these women still earn less than men in every state.
The wage gap for women (contested by a freaky few) is still at the very sad 76 cents for every dollar earned by a man.
Women’s Enews author Robin Hindery makes the very good point that despite his W Stands for Women nonsense, Bush “makes no mention of the wage gap in his official platform.” Huh. Imagine that.
Hindery also notes that a raise in the minimum wage—which Kerry has vowed to bring up to $7 per hour—would disproportionately benefit single working mothers. That’s an advantage I could get behind…
What about Bush?
Bush opted not to address the minimum wage issue in the debate, and shifted the conversation instead to the importance of education. He also does not discuss the issue on his campaign Web site.
During his 2000 campaign, Bush told The Associated Press that he supported a $1 increase in the minimum wage, but only if states could opt out. However, he has rejected all wage-increase proposals since being elected.

So ladies, even if you’re not thinking about all the other reasons to vote for Kerry next week, don’t forget about your pocketbooks. Cause I know I can’t afford Bush for another four years.

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