Artistically Inclined?

If you’re a decent artist and looking to get active, you should check out the National Organization of Women’s 2005 Love Your Body Campaign. It’s a poster design contest with the intent of responding to society’s negative body images that effect women’s and girl’s esteem and health. They are looking for the following in their art-eest:
“Winning images will provide a visual response to advertisers who attempt to link smoking, drinking, and dieting to women’s liberation; fashion magazines who imply that anorexia is the path to beauty; and marketers who tell us that more expensive cosmetics will improve a woman’s sense of self worth.”
The grand prize winner recieves $600, and a her/his poster with be part of a national campaign that challenges the industries that prey on women’s insecurities with their bodies. Sounds dandy to me! (Now, if only I could draw…)

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