Pump some iron, ladies!

According to a study by Penn State highlighted in an Associated Press article, young women who get distracted easily may just be iron-deficient.
It’s been known that anemia can make you tired and distracted, but the study–which looked at women ages 18 to 35–reveals that even a less severe iron-deficiency can have an effect on concentration and mood.
Apparently 20 percent of the women in the study were either iron-deficient or anemic. Feministing finds the explanation for this a little disconcerting:
Lisa Ritchie, director of the dietetics program at Harding University in Searcy, Ark. says that, “Taking a look at the typical college student, they may be financially strapped, so buying a lot of iron-rich foods may not be their top priority, especially for females.” (emphasis added)
What exactly does this mean? We only eat salads? I guess those Penn State girls need to have a steak every now and then. Jeez.

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