If you don’t already know about Sarah Jones, you’re missing out. A fellow Bryn Mawrtyr, she’s been on the New York urban poetry scene for years (she won the Nuyorican Grand Slam championship in 1997) and has championed the young feminist cause throughout.
She’s also a free speech activist. In 2001, the Federal Communications Commission issued a a $7,000 fine to a Portland, Oregon radio station for playing Jones’s poem, YOUR REVOLUTION. The FCC characterized the poem, which is about misogyny in rap lyrics, as “indecent and obscene”. Jones then counter-sued, claiming her first amendment rights had been violated, and she won!
It’s been a few years, and she’s at it again with her new, one woman play, Bridge & Tunnel. The show is produced by Meryl Streep, another badass feminista, and has opened to incredible reviews. If you’re in the New York area, check it out. If not, here are some Jones gems to tide you over.

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